Why Lithium ion battery is more and more popular?

Lithium-ion battery advantages

Lithium-ion battery advantages

Lithium ion battery is widely used in different industries, its all known.Why is Li-ion battery is more and more liked? Lithium ion battery manufacturer pdbattery hereby is happy to discuss and share the possible reasons:

1-Firstly,Higher capacity.Lithium ion battery has higher energy density,now the power/weight ratio has reached 500Wh~650Wh/kg,this is over 6~8 times compared to lead acid battery.
2-Long cycle life.It can be used for over 6 years with correct use, Cobalt material lithium ion battery has a cycle life of 500 times,100% DOD,@0.2C charge/discharge rate,under room temperature.
3-High nominal voltage. Li-ion battery cell nominal voltage is 3.7V, it’s 3 times of NiMH/NiCd voltage, it equates 3 NiMH battery in series, obviously it’s more reliable and convenient for battery pack assembly.
4-High discharge performance. Lithium ion battery can discharge 15C~30C continuously,very good for starting up applications.
5-Light weight. Compared to lead acid battery,li-ion battery has only 1/5 or 1/6 times weight.
6-Low self discharge rate.This is one of the biggest advantages owned by Lithium ion battery,it’s only 1%,much lower than Ni-Cd 30% and NiMH 35%.
7-Wide temperature range.Li-ion battery can work under -20°C~+60°C, PD low temperature featured lithium ion battery can even work under -40°C and -50°C.
8-Green and environmental friendly. No polution during production,using and discarding, no any heavy metal.

9-No memory effect. Different from NiMH battery,you can charge and discharge Lithium ion battery anytime you want, while you must fully discharge NiMH battery before charging and fully charging before next discharging.

Remark: Energy density is always descriped in WH/KG or WH/L, WH is power,W is walt,h is hour,kg is weight unit,L is volume unit. C is C rate,Current/capacity.

Now we know, there are so many reasons for that why people prefer Lithium ion batteries, it’s great advantages makes it.

Battery solutions for different projects

We can provide different battery solutions for various devices and equipments, stable performance,high safety,

Clients are welcome to tell their requirements for their needs of battery packs.



  • E-bike
  • Electrical motocycle
  • Wheelchair
  • Golf car
  • Solo wheer

Electrical tool

  • Trimming machine
  • Electrical cutter
  • Power tool
  • Testing equipment
  • Cleaning machine

Energy storage

  • UPS back up power
  • Home energy storage
  • Solar Street lighting
  • Telecommunication base
  • Portable power bank