Introduction of power battery pack structure

Battery packs generally refer to packaging and assembly of batteries. For example, we connect two lithium batteries in series and form a specific shape according to customer requirements. We call it PACK. The PACK grouping process is a key step in the manufacturing of...

lithium polymer battery is a safe battery

Lithium polymer battery is a safe battery, compared to li ion battery, its aluminium feature is much more safe,because it released the gas pressure inside. When the short circiut occurs, the li ion battery with steel case will have problem to release the heat and gas,...

Battery solutions for different projects

We can provide different battery solutions for various devices and equipments, stable performance,high safety,

Clients are welcome to tell their requirements for their needs of battery packs.



  • E-bike
  • Electrical motocycle
  • Wheelchair
  • Golf car
  • Solo wheer

Electrical tool

  • Trimming machine
  • Electrical cutter
  • Power tool
  • Testing equipment
  • Cleaning machine

Energy storage

  • UPS back up power
  • Home energy storage
  • Solar Street lighting
  • Telecommunication base
  • Portable power bank