Frequently Asked Questions about Li-ion batteries

FAQ about battery purchasing.

How to order your lithium ion batteries?

Answer: Please send us email with your detailed requirements by our sales email or contact form,we will evaluate and get back to you quickly, once we confirmed the specs, you can arrange payment according to the invoice we send you, the order will be arranged into production as soon as the payment arrived into our bank account.

Do you offer samples if we want to test?

Answer: Yes. We will send samples for confirmation, if customer requires.

What's your delivery time for samples and mass productions?

Answer: For battery pack samples,generally the lead time is 1~2 weeks,for mass production,3~4 weeks,you need to confirm with PD sales before ordering.

Which payment way do you accept?

Answer: For samples and small quantity order, you can use PayPal to pay,For mass production order, we work with bank account wire transfer T/T.

Can you produce for large volume li ion battery orders like 100k pcs?

Answer: Yes, Nomatter 100pcs,10k pcs or 100k pcs are no problem for us to produce,we have enough monthly output ability to meet most orders of different scales.

Will you arrange battery shipping for us?

Answer: Yes, we have long term professional battery transport forwarders to work with us, the services covers different types door to door, sea way, airway and our uique channels.customers don’t need to take care of transport things before they get their battery products.

Can you help to apply certifications for the li-ion battery packs?

Answer: Yes, We can help to apply and prepare almost all kinds of battery certificates, such as UN38.3,IEC62133,MSDS,CB,CE,ROHS,FCC UL1642 and so on.

What's the gurantees for your lithium ion batteries?

Answer: According to battery industry standard,one year guarantee is offered, we are responsible for problems caused by manufacturing defects, but any incorrect use or abuse for battery is not included in the responsible range.

FAQ about Lithium ion battery products.

How to charge the lithium ion batteries?

Answer: Lithium ion battery takes a CC/CV charging mode,There are two main processes: Firstly,charge the battery with a constant current, when the battery voltage rises up to 4.2V per cell, the second process is charging with a constant 4.2V voltage till the current go down to a very small value, which is called trickle current.A very important notice is that you must charge the lithium ion battery with professional lithium battery charger, NiMH battery charger or lead acid battery charger are forbidden to be used to charge lithium batteries, because these batteries has different charging modes.

Can I use the li-ion battery pack without PCM?

Answer: It depends. The PCM is a protection circiut board,it offers basic protection functions: over charging protection,over discharging protection,short circiut protection and over current protection. So,if your device has built-in battery protection functions inside, you don’t need a PCM on the battery, otherwise, you must use the li ion battery with a PCM, it’s a basic safety requirement, as lithium ion battery can be quite dangerous without protections.

Is lithium ion battery safe?

Answer: Yes,if the lithium ion battery quality is reliable and it’s used in correct way, it’s safe. Most battery fire incidents have close relation with abuse and wrong charging,. Under suitable guidance, most people can use lithium ion battery safely without any problem. That’s why you can see the lithium ion battery pack products widely used in our daily life.

Which is better,Lithium ion battery VS lithium polymer battery?

Answer: It’s hard to say which one is better, but they are really different. Lithium ion battery uses liquid electrolyte while Lithium polymer battery uses solid electrolyte; Most lithium ion batteries are made with hard steel or aluminum cases, but lithium polymer battery uses quite different soft aluminum foil film for outside package.Besides,lithium polymer battery has higher energy density than lithium ion battery.Finally,lithium polymer battery is more expensive than lithium ion battery.If you care more about cost,you can choose lithium ion battery.If you prefer using higher power energy,lithium polymer battery is recommended.

Can we assemble the battery pack by ourselves with your li-ion battery cells?

Answer: Well, generally we don’t recommend customer to assemble battery packs by themselves. However,if you have professional experienced battery engineers and assembly equipments, you can do it yourself for sure. Remember, if you dont have these conditions, please don’t try any assemblies with the li-ion battery cells. You can tell us your assembly requirements, we can do it for you.

How to handle the lithium ion battery when its out of lifetime?

Answer: As soon as the lithium ion battery finished it’s cycle life, you need to handle it in right way. In many countries, governments has guidance for the battery waste disposal. In most case, people is adviced to contact local battery recycle organizations to collect the battery waste and handle them.

Can I change any battery cell for the li-ion battery pack by our own?

Answer: No. This job must be done by professional lithium battery manufacturers, because battery repair is not just that simple. Why? The cells in a battery pack are selected firstly before they are used, the standards covers mainly 3 parameters: voltage,impedance,capacity. Only those cells have very similar voltages,impedance and capacity can be allowed to work as a team, otherwise, the battery pack can be not reliable and rise up problems.

What's the cycle life of the rechargeable lithium battery packs?

Answer: For lithium ion battery, it’s cycle life is 500 times @0.2C under room temperature 25℃, with 80% original capacity remained. For a battery pack, it’s more complicated to give it’s cycle life, because it’s related with many factors such as using way,environment,temperature and the BMS design.

What's the operating temperature range of the li-ion battery?

Answer: For normal Li-ion battery, the operating temerature is recommended to be -20℃~+60℃. If we change manufacturing technology and use different electrolyte, it can be lower or higher temperatures, -40℃~45℃ or -10℃~+80℃ now are available.

Can you design PCM for custom li-ion battery packs?

Answer: Sure.sometimes we use regular PCM if customer doesnt have special requirements for the battery pack,sometimes we design and customize new PCM for customers if they have different requirements such as discharge current,charge current,temperature protections.

What type of chargers should we use for li-ion battery packs?

Answer: We should use professional li-ion battery pack charger that’s supports CC/CV charging mode, and the output current must be in a suitable range, It must fit the battery pack BMS/PCM setting, and don’t charge with bigger current than what it can allow.

Are you able to design and offer charger for our lithium ion batteries?

Answer: Yes. We have some stable charger partners behind us for lithium ion batteries. 1S,2S,3S,4S,6S,10S,13S, 1A,2A,3A,5A,10A,20A are available, different plugs and connectors are no problem. custom design of special battery charger is also ok for us.

Is there any risk if I use lead acid battery charger to charge the lithium battery pack?

Answer: Sure. It’s dangerous to use lead acid battery charger to charge lithium battery pack, because they have quite different charging modes.

Why can't I link two battery packs to charge?

Answer: For rechargeable lithium battery packs, they are always equipped with individule BMS/PCM, these BMS can manage protection of cells in the individule pack. It will not offer protection to extra battery cells or packs you link from external circiut.So, this charging way is not allowed, you need two chargers to charge them, or you need a charger with two charging ports function which support dule battery charging.

I want to have power display on the battery,can you make it?

Answer: Yes. we can add it if you need.

How many protections does your PCM/BMS have?

Answer: Generally speaking, our PCM/BMS has four basic protections: Over charging protection, over discharging protection, over current protection,short circiut protection. Sometimes we may add some other extra functions on customer requrest, we are open on the design.

What can I do if the battery fails?

Answer: If the lithium ion battery fales, you need to contact your battery supplier and descripe the problems in details, then wait for their analyze report. Don’t try to repair it by yourself, Once you got the analyze report, you can handle according to your situations. Arrange experienced battery engineer to repair under guidance if it’s allowed by supplier, if the problem is hard to solve and caused by manufacturing defects, contact battery supplier to replace it.

Battery solutions for different projects

We can provide different battery solutions for various devices and equipments, stable performance,high safety,

Clients are welcome to tell their requirements for their needs of battery packs.



  • E-bike
  • Electrical motocycle
  • Wheelchair
  • Golf car
  • Solo wheer

Electrical tool

  • Trimming machine
  • Electrical cutter
  • Power tool
  • Testing equipment
  • Cleaning machine

Energy storage

  • UPS back up power
  • Home energy storage
  • Solar Street lighting
  • Telecommunication base
  • Portable power bank