Consumers must always have some concerns about safe use of their batteries,now li ion battery pack manufacturer pdbattery will put some explains here to help you know more details.

battery charging way

battery charging way


How to charge a new li-ion battery?

It’s seldom known that the li-ion battery can also sleep after a period of storage, then the battery capacity will temperally go down to a lower level than normal value,the work time turns out to be shorter for sure.However, Li-ion battery can be waked up easily, you just need to do 3~5 times charge and discharge cycles, then it’s capacity can recover to normal level. Due to lithium ion battery special features, it doesnt have any memory effect at all, so no special equipment and method is required.

About the battery waking up or activating process, there are some words: The charging must last for at least 12 hours, and repeat it three times to activate the battery. From our professional point, it’s obviously affected by the traditional NiMH battery charging way.We have to say it’s a misunderstanding to lithium ion batteries, what’s more, it can lead consumers to a safe situation. Here we can confirm clearly that all serious official documents have strenghened the risk of over-charging and over-discharging for lithium ion batteries, because rechargeable lithium battery has quite different work way with NiMH battery and NiCd battery. So, don’t charge it for over 12 hours, you are recommended to charge your lithium ion battery correctly according to standard time and standard way instructed on your specification or guidance paper of your mobile phone.

Besides, the charging will be stoped by the protection circiut as soon as it is fully charged, no more power or so called long time trickle charging. in another word, you are wasting time if you continue to charge it after it’s charging get over. And it’s hard to say all the protection circiut is absolutely reliable forever, it means if you always charge it for too long time, your battery will be at risk, hence we strongly oppose long time charging.

The third possible problem is the bad charge-discharge cycle. For some mobile phones, if you dont stop the battery from charging after it’s full, it can start a charge-discharge cycles itself, this is obviously not good for the mobile phone,charger and battery life.

Lastly, the night power supply is not as stable as that of daytime, lithium ion battery can be damaged during big sudden voltage changes.

So during our daily use, we’d better charge the lithium ion battery in a nature way instead of long time 12 hours over charging way, the best way is to do it according to official guidance.

Battery solutions for different projects

We can provide different battery solutions for various devices and equipments, stable performance,high safety,

Clients are welcome to tell their requirements for their needs of battery packs.



  • E-bike
  • Electrical motocycle
  • Wheelchair
  • Golf car
  • Solo wheer

Electrical tool

  • Trimming machine
  • Electrical cutter
  • Power tool
  • Testing equipment
  • Cleaning machine

Energy storage

  • UPS back up power
  • Home energy storage
  • Solar Street lighting
  • Telecommunication base
  • Portable power bank